The Cyborg Legends sale is LIVE!

NFT characters are one of the core elements of the upcoming Cyborg Legends — Awakening of the Machines RPG! And if you’re planning to give it a shot once it’s alive and kickin’, you need to start thinking of building your NFT team!

Because we want to give a chance of owning a Cyborg Legends NFT to everybody, no matter their budget, we’re excited to announce that three different Mystery Boxes are now available in our Store. And they’re totally worth it!

Currently, you can choose from one of the following three boxes:

Starter Mystery Box — 20 MATIC ($42) Available Tiers: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 Total value of NFTs: 857,475 MATIC Potential gains: +20% <-> +50,000%

Advanced Mystery Box — 125 MATIC ($264) Available Tiers: T2, T3, T4, T5 Total value of NFTs: 5,433,250 MATIC Potential gains: +50% <-> +20,000%

VIP Mystery Box — 4000 MATIC ($8440) Available Tiers: T4, T5 Total value of NFTs: 494,000 MATIC Potential gains: -20% <-> +200%

Before purchasing one Mystery Box, there are a few important details you should take into consideration:

  • When you purchase a Mystery Box, you will receive a RANDOM rarity NFT character belonging to one of the 8 clans — Human, High Elf, Treant, Dwarf, Demon, Orc, Undead or Dark Elf.
  • You will not know which collectible you will get until after payment. You can use these NFT Characters to play Cyborg Legends RPG (after the game will be released), trade them on any marketplace or simply keep them for your collection to enjoy the passive income and benefits listed above.
  • During this sale, we will be selling a total of 20,000 Mystery Boxes, corresponding to 20,000 Unique Characters, each of them coming in various levels of rarity: Common(T1), Rare(T2), Epic(T3), Legendary(T4) and Ascended(T5).
  • Advanced Mystery Box includes only T2,T3,T4 and T5, while VIP Mystery Box includes only T4 and T5.

You can find all the details you need about our NFT characters by checking Pages 12–15 in our Whitepaper!

So, which one of the Mystery Boxes will it be?

Cyborg Legends is a Play-to-earn RPG autobattler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain. Find more details on our website or join us on Discord.



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