Team-up // Cyborg Legends x Lootex

From the very first days of our project, we focused on developing relationships, as ambitious plans like ours are almost impossible to complete without the right partners. Fortunately, we had the chance to meet the right people, resonated with them, and from that point to teaming-up, there were just a few steps left.

Cyborg Legends is proud to announce an ‘upgrade’ to our partnership with Lootex, the player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform.

What is Lootex?

As mentioned a few weeks ago, when Cyborg Legends was initially listed on the Lootex marketplace, we are talking about a cross-chain game item shop for the Metaverse, devoted to building a gamer-centric, in-game asset marketplace where players can easily browse and trade the most popular game assets.

Lootex designed their platform with one thing in mind: making sure that gamers have the best purchasing experience. To achieve this, they provide a fraud-free, cross-blockchain ecosystem that allows for transparent trading powered by smart contracts. And this means one thing: game developers and gamers alike can design and build their own branded stores to sell the rare items that they collect.

Why this partnership?

As the Cyborg Legends community keeps growing and we’re looking forward to making important steps into the development of our game, we’re constantly after new ‘locations’ where the project can gain additional exposure! Obviously, this is not the only reason, as we’re also targeting new team-ups able to bring benefits to every member of the Cyborg Army while improving the project ecosystem.

Launchpads like the one Lootex built provide a verified way to introduce high-quality projects, as the development team works directly with new projects, thoroughly vetting them, their solution, and their project infrastructure to ensure they are up to community standards.

As more everyday users understand the power of NFTs, more projects will launch to serve and innovate within this ecosystem. Lootex is no exception, as it’s the perfect environment for new projects to introduce themselves to a wide audience of NFT collectors, developers, and investors.


There’s no doubt that teaming up with Lootex can bring important benefits to both sides, as such partnerships have a big impact on multiple levels, as mentioned above.

Besides offering Cyborg Legends additional exposure, NFT enthusiasts, who want to add a Cyborg to their portfolio, have the opportunity to explore our collection on an additional platform, while the launchpad listing vows for the quality of our project.

You can check out the Cyborg Legends collection on LOOTex here as well as the launchpad here.

Cyborg Legends is a Play-to-earn RPG autobattler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain.

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Cyborg Legends

Cyborg Legends

Cyborg Legends is a Play-to-earn RPG autobattler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain.