Cyborg Legends: PvP - A quick guide

Today we’re talking about Cyborg Legends’ PvP (Player vs Player) mode, designed for players to compete against each other.

Below you will find details about all four of them!

I. King of the Multiverse PvP

In this game mode, all the character tiers, runes, equipment, pets will affect the power of the characters.

  • The game will show a leaderboard based on the total combat power of each team that enrolls in this game mode;
  • Top 10 players from the leaderboard with highest combat power and available CYBL-Tokens can be challenged by anybody and they cannot reject the fight. They can assemble a defensive team to defend themselves, before the enrollment and then go AFK. Battles are automatically resolved even when the players are not online;
  • They must put at gamble a certain amount of CYBL-Tokens. The player can decide how much he can put and those CYBL-Tokens will then be temporarily removed from his balance;
  • There will be a minimum and maximum amount available to put at gamble;
  • If someone defeated a top 10 player and takes all their CYBL-Tokens, then the leaderboard player that lost the fight will disappear from the leaderboard and the next player will take their place;
  • If the top 10 player wins a fight when being challenged, then the winning player will keep all the rewards, minus a fee and he can decide if those CYBL- Tokens are put back at gamble or collect them;
  • If the player will go undefeated by the end of the day (time reaches 00:00) then he will earn a special reward equal to 50% of all fees paid against him;
  • When challenging the top players, the attacker must decide how much he wants to gamble during that fight. If the attacked player doesn’t have enough CYBL-Tokens, then the players will gamble only the amount that the attacked player has;
  • The attackers will be allowed to attack as many players as the number of characters they have in their account. So if a player has 20 characters, he can engage into 20 fights per day. The player can reset this limit by spending CYBL-Tokens;
  • There will be 2 week long seasons and the top players at the end of the season will get rewards.

II.Casual PvP Tournaments with entry fee

In this game mode, all the character tiers will affect the power of the characters.

  • Equipment, runes, pets will NOT affect the power of the characters;
  • Players use equalized gear (player level and gear does not matter and everyone has same Character level, no gear, but they can use their own character cards (based on their own character tier and their own skills) and they must create 3 teams;
  • People buy tickets with CYBL-Tokens to enter the tournament;
  • The system will auto-match the players, generate all battles and then display the outcome of the tournament;

Team1 from PlayerA fights Team1 from PlayerB.
Team2 from PlayerA fights Team2 from PlayerB.
Team3 from PlayerA fights Team3 from PlayerB.

  • First to win 2 battles, wins the game. If every player has at least 1 player alive, then the winner will be decided based on the following rules.

Team with most survivors wins
If same number of survivors, team with most damage wins
If same damage, then a random dice will be thrown and player with the highest roll wins

  • Tournaments will take place every Wednesday and Sunday;
  • There will also be FREE TOURNAMENTS where players can win 1x LEGENDARY NFT — 1 per month;
  • In this tournament only EPIC characters can be used, including SHADOW characters;
  • Players will win CYBL-Token rewards from the prize pool (the total sum of all tickets purchased). (99% of all tickets purchased).

III.Newcomer Tournaments

In this game mode, all the character tiers, runes, equipment, pets will NOT affect the power of the characters.

  • Available only for players that have created their accounts in the last 60 days;
  • Entry fee will cost FUEL or CYBL-Tokens;
  • Players can participate only using the SHADOW characters;
  • Runes, equipment and pets will be ignored and will grant no bonuses during the fight.

IV.Global Battles Between Clans — Clan Wars

Finally, let’s talk about this last PvP mode, which can be easily translated as a Monthly War between clans.

  • For every character that the player possesses belonging to the winning clan, the player will gain rewards. EG: If orcs win and player has 3 orcs and the multiverse has a total of 400 orcs, then the prize will be divided to all 400 orcs, based on their character tier;
  • 3 random characters for each Clan will be randomly and temporarily created to form a team;
  • There will be a ladder based tournament where clans are assigned to fight each other randomly;
  • All fights will be recorded to be replayed by any player;
  • The prize pool will be based on a percentage of all fees paid in the game, within that period of time.

Cyborg Legends is a Play-to-earn RPG autobattler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain. Find more details on our website or join us on Discord.



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