After presenting the main details about Cyborg Legends’ PvP mode, it’s time to focus on the other important mode, PvE — short for Player vs Environment — through which players can obtain items to improve their characters, like Fusion Stones, Runes, Equipment or Space Ships.

Here are some of the most important details about PvE, which will provide an overview of the mode:

  • Every time when a boss is defeated, a chest that has a bigger chance for equipment will be granted. This chest can grant other items as well. NOTE: This chest has nothing to do with the Mystery Box.
  • After finishing 10 chapters, players should have earned enough CYBL Tokens or FUEL from PvE to allow them to move to a new planet.
  • The game will have many stages, exponentially increasing in difficulty and providing better rewards.
  • Enemy characters will have predefined levels, to make them stronger.
  • There will be a PvE leaderboard with top 10 players based on the PvE stage that each player has cleared.
    EG: if playerX completed PvE level 2405 and the playerGU reached level 2200 and playerJOE reached level 2194 then these players will have their nicknames displayed on the leaderboard and so on, until top 10 players are listed.
  • All PvE enemies will be androids of different colors, different sizes, different power; There will also be drones as enemies (flying enemies);
  • Some monsters will require certain type of weapons (EG: ranged) to be defeated easier.
  • In PvE, if the player loses 10 fights in a row, he will be charged CYBL Tokens or FUEL to continue, in order to prevent spam. Otherwise, the attempts will reset after 1 hour.

What’s very important to mention is that you will be able to choose from three different PvE modes, as it follows:

I. Campaign

Each planet will have its own PvE campaign. Once a campaign is finished, it cannot be restarted.

Players can start multiple campaigns at the same time, one per planet. Each planet will have a certain drop bonus, applicable to all the players, in the first 60 days since the firsts traveler reached it and defeat its first boss.

II. Tower of Infinity

In the Tower of Infinity, players can enter and progress further if they manage to kill the opposing enemy NPC team.

Players can stop at any point and submit their progress to the leaderboard and collect the rewards.

  • If they die, they will collect only ½ of the rewards.
  • If they die, they will be taken back to the last checkpoint, if they pay a fee. If not, they will be taken back to level 1.
  • Players can set a checkpoint by paying a fee. Checkpoints are available every 10 levels only.
    EG: If player dies at level 19, he will be taken back to level 10 if he pays a revival fee, but only if he paid another fee to set camp at that checkpoint. If player did not set camp to the checkpoint at level 10, he will be taken back to level 1.
  • If player dies at level 100, he will be taken back to level 100 if he pays a revival fee, but only if he paid another fee to set camp at that checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint fees are equal to {LEVEL * 10} CYBL-Tokens or FUEL Revive fees are equal to {LEVEL * 0.25} CYBL-Tokens or FUEL.

III. Survival Arena

Endless waves of monsters come, wave after wave.

  • Every 5 waves, there will be a mini-boss. Once the mini-boss has been defeated, the player can continue and heal for 50% hp or he can collect the rewards.
  • If all of his characters die, then the player gets only 50% of rewards and is sent back to the first stage. If he collects, he can start again from the first stage. This will be limited to max 2 deaths per day or 5 attempts without death per day.
  • The rewards in the Survival Arena will be slightly different than the Tower of Infinity and they will scale with the difficulty.

Cyborg Legends is a Play-to-earn RPG autobattler bringing you a large collection of unique characters as NFTs on the blockchain. Find more details on our website or join us on Discord.



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